Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Machine Rock return after a 4 year hiatus with the new album ‘MACHINE_ROCK’ released on 24th January 2011 on EL_PERRO_ROJO records.

‘MACHINE_ROCK’ is a remastered collection of the groups select output taken from their 3 previous album releases ‘Machine Rock’, ‘Version’ and ‘Further Audio’ An album that is awash with Machine Rock’s trademark heavy electronics, love of bleep and their distorted take on pop. It also features collaborations with Jonathan Valentine (Chevron/ Planet Mu & Wrong Music) and Chris Moss Acid (V/Vm Test & Mathematics).

The album see’s a proliferation of influences as diverse as the UK electronic scene to funk, exotic pop, twisted disco, acid, the sounds of Kraftwerk, Human League, Cabaret Voltaire, New Order are all here and sit effortlessly alongside the band’s signature electronic and pop aesthetics.

Band Members & Personnel

Gareth Finney – Keyboards & Programming

Paul Dobson – Keyboards & Programming

Andrew Burgess – Guitars

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EL PERRO ROJO Records 2011

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